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Kerry Riordan-Sykes is an amazing Probate/Estate attorney. She is very kind as well as experienced and competent.

- A quote from Google


Great service!

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Ms. McFadden was extremely helpful in my family's time of need. She was professional and honest. She helped us navigate the complicated legal waters of our family's estate planning and was very responsive and kind. I absolutely recommend her for your estate planning needs.

- A quote from Avvo


"Ms. McFadden is a wonderful attorney to work with. She is extremely professional, honest, and responsive. She is very knowledgeable and was able to resolve my estate planning issues quickly and affordably. I highly recommend her for your estate planning needs."

- A quote from YELP


We are so impressed with Kerry Sykes. She has been incredibly helpful with our complex and stressful estate matters. We highly recommend this practice for professional, patient, and kind support.

- A quote from YELP


Kerry Sykes has handled estate planning needs for me and my husband for over 20 years, and she just updated our wills, trust, and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care. We are both attorneys, but estate planning is not our field of expertise, and we only have confidence in someone who is a certified legal specialist in Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate, because we know that this certification is not easy to get--you have to really know your stuff and be up to date on every change in the law. In addition to that certification, here's why we recommend her so highly:

1) She listens with both ears. She is not just waiting to talk and impress you with how much more she knows than you do. If you are a woman with her own business, she listens to YOU about that and doesn't direct all the business questions to your husband just because he's the guy in the room.

2) She has a great depth of knowledge about tax law and how to avoid the pitfalls of being taxed more than necessary after death.

3) She doesn't recommend anything more complicated than it needs to be. If simple will work, she goes for simple; if not, she explains why it might be better to go up a step (or two) in complexity.

4) She is really, really smart, but she explains things in ways that are easy to understand, and she's not patronizing. If you tell her you didn't understand the first time, she doesn't just repeat the initial explanation but rephrases it in a way that's easier to comprehend (with visuals, if you need them).

5) She tells you that you have options, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for each one. She ti
es these options into what you've told her about your particular family situation.

6) She has a sense of humor, which makes thinking about why you need a will less stressful. We didn't hesitate to recommend her to our own children, because we know she is honest and reliable.

7) Her offices are on West Portal, not downtown, and parking is easy. They are not in a fancy glass high rise where you know the fees will be high because she has to pay exorbitant rent.

8) Her fees are very reasonable. You will not get this sort of expertise from any attorney in San Francisco for
 less than she charges. Pay more at a big downtown firm if you like, but you won't do better than this for estate planning no matter where you go. 

- A quote from YELP

​Kerry set up my parents' living will and also set up my living will. She is really excellent. When my mom died I was pretty out of it and she really walked me through what I needed to do. She's an excellent attorney.

-A quote from YELP


Both my sister and I used her services for setting up a Trust, our individual wills, and our health care directives. Everything was handled in a very competent and professional manner, and we were both very satisfied with the way the whole process was handled. I highly recommend the services of this attorney.

- A quote from YELP


Exceptional attorney for estates and trusts. My husband and I are both attorneys, and we rely on Kerry Riordan Sykes to prepare our wills and trusts and also to advise us on Advanced Directives For Health Care. She is certified as a Legal Specialist in Estate Planning Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California (and this is not an easy test to pass). She has been in practice for 25 years, and she is exceptionally knowledgeable about trust and estate law, and the tax implications involved. She is personable, she asks intelligent questions, and actually listens to what your answer is. If you are inclined to do something that's not a good idea she will tell you so, and explain why. Her fees are very reasonable, and she will tell you in advance how much something will cost (it has always been less than we expected). She is honest and trustworthy and her work is first-rate.

 - A quote from Avvo


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